About Me


Wanderer. Explorer. Anthropologist. Seeker of truth. Migratory Species.

I travel because I can’t help it. A switch flips in my brain – Go, Move, Now! This must be the same biological imperative that launches the Arctic Tern on its annual roundtrip flight from the Arctic to Antarctica. By far the longest migration known in the animal kingdom, these birds rack up to 56,000 frequent flyer miles every year. Not to be outdone, the tally in my British Airways Executive Club account reached 127,348 last year. Just sayin’.

I was not a flegling chick when I started moving around the globe. It wasn’t until 1987 that I flew across my first ocean. I was working in a mountaineering store in Denver when I was asked by a customer if I would be her base camp manager for a climbing expedition to the third highest mountain in the world.  Kangchenjunga? Nepal?  The atlas helped with location but gave no clue as to how three months in the Himalaya would change my life.

I returned home and became an instructor for the Colorado Outward Bound School.   That led to becoming a trekking guide across the Himalaya. When I turned 30, I thought I should stop sleeping in a tent and find a career, so I started working at a traditional travel agency. Four years later, I opened my own business and became a member of The Travel Society.

My travel resume includes working in Zambia at a safari lodge and living in Egypt, running my business from Luxor. I’ve ticked off 60 countries… and counting.